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unitive love reveals hidden things and unlocks secrets

It is 2:40 PM Wednesday afternoon. The day goes by. Everyone was back from the Farmer's Market around 10:30 AM. when Carol, Beth, and Lou got home I was sitting in our living room listening to music Indian "The Unquiet Sky".

Carol left for a class at the hospital around 10:55 AM. I talked to Beth for awhile and then left to visit local thrift stores to look at used books. I found these used books today to add to our library.

"Death Of A River Guide" a novel by Richard Flanagan

"Layer Cake" a novel by J. J. Connolly

"Daughter Of Fortune" a novel by Isabel Allende

I found these two used books to give to the library book nook to be sold.

"Snow In August" a novel by Pete Hamill

"Nobody's Fool" a novel by Richard Russo

When I got home from thrift stores Carol was home from the hospital. I ate lunch and then decided to mow our lawn. So has gone by existence today. Now I am down in the lower level writing in my blogs and recovering from doing yard work.


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