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The day has gone by swiftly and quietly thus far. I took a two hour nap this afternoon. I got up around 3 o'clock PM from my nap and went upstairs to make a fresh pot of coffee. It is now going on 5 o'clock PM. Carol is still cleaning the house. I doubt if Bethany will notice if the house is clean when she visits with Louisa next week. I am sure there is dust in my main study that has been there for over 20 years. I think our home is ok when it comes to cleanliness. Carol and I are clean people. We are not slobs. I know if my wife was not working full time she would have this house shining inside and outside. I could clean more but I am not here most of the time. I do try to keep the house tidy.

Tomorrow is the first day of August 2014. Tonight I put in storage my July 2014 diary.

Do not know if there is anything on TV worth watching tonight. I have been reading today "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma. I should get back into reading my books on the Gospel of John.

Well I suppose I will close to drift into the evening hours. I will close with another quote from the treatise "The Roads To Zion Mourn".

"7. Yet the Most High Creator of all wished not only to be the head of the creation as its maker or to rule it as its governor. Indeed at the end of time he set out, as it were, to take leave of his celestial majesty and go abroad to visit his creature in her misery, a pilgrimage that ended when he embarked for the heavenly dwelling-places. To this pilgrim in the flesh now returning to heaven, the human spirit disposed by ecstatic love is made to conform. Though the human spirit came forth in freedom in her primordial creation from her Creator, she has been joined to the corruption of bodily necessity and made subject to manifold beggarly servitude; yet in the wake of supercelestial outpouring, she somehow gains a down-payment on eternal felicity as she is raised by extended practice of ardent aspirations. For where she loves she lives, and the importunate reach of her yearnings find something of a natural endpoint, coming to rest in him toward whom she stretches herself. Thus he who in the beginning existed on high next turned to take up the beggarly worldly condition, and then, in a third step, was seen ascending, glorified, into heaven. To him the human spirit is conformed by unitive wisdom, as is rightly said in the Apocalypse of those who truly love him, of those to whom childlike innocence has somehow been restored by the purgation of flaming love: These follow the lamb, wherever he goes (Rev 14:4)." pg. 109 Hugh of Balma

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