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uniting her with the Uncreated Spirit

It is 12:12 PM Thursday afternoon in the Flow. I had to take Rudy to our Vet this morning. Rudy and I were home from the Vet around 10:45 AM. When I got home I ate food and then left to do an errand for my wife, so has gone the day thus far. Right now I feel like closing my eyes and sleeping. I slept poorly last night.

All I have read today is some more of the treatise, "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma.

Last night I read "Medieval Exegesis: The Four Senses Of Scripture" Volume 1 by Henri De Lubac and watched television. I went to bed last night around 11 o'clock PM. My wife went to bed early last night.

Well not much else to report. Carol has been cleaning getting the house ready for Beth and Lou's visit next week. I can not sit in contemplative silence when my wife is running around the house cleaning.

I will close with a quote from "The Roads To Zion Mourn".

"8. The human spirit living in love is disposed through wisdom (as described above) not only with regard to the Creator but also with regard to the jubilant saints in glory. For a single, utterly desirable, and direct goal is established for both-an eternal rest which is the same as God most blessed. Yet, although a glorified spirit reposes in him now as she attends him in his presence, insatiable yearning carries a human spirit [living here below] upward, as if absented in inexpressible ardor, that she might aspire to more intimate union with him, saying, Draw me, we will run after you in the fragrance of your perfumes (Ca 1:3). Meanwhile the glorified spirit in heaven says, The king has brought me into his wine cellar (ibid.). Likewise, the human spirit in heaven who is perfectly joined with her Bridegroom delights in the inexpressible happiness she has already gained, whereas the human spirit joined to the body, though she may strive upward with this wisdom, nonetheless for all her anagogic movements finds the actual exercise to be without an soothing oil or delights-indeed, in a surprising way she experiences bodily affliction. Still, she has this one joy, that her actual direction is straight up, not veering sideways at all. Like a stone tending directly toward a lower point, her direction is toward the most blessed One who alone is the place that corresponds naturally to her dignity." pg. 109

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