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the human spirit is divinely drawn by countless yearning aspirations to possess God alone

It is 7:14 PM Wednesday night in the Flow. I am down in the lower level of our home writing on our old lap top computer. I am burning a stick of incense and drinking coffee. There is nothing on TV worth watching this evening and it is too early to go to bed so I am down here talking to myself. My wife is reading her Bible and resting from her labors.

I left for the Herrick Public Library used books store around 2:45 PM this afternoon. The library book nook was super quiet so I basically read the 13th century treatise "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma. I brought home one used book from the book nook to ADD to our Book Collection, the book is titled, "Anathem" a novel by Neal Stephenson. I have several novels by Stephenson in my library.

I got home from the book nook around 5:20 PM and found Carol cleaning the house. Carol wants the house to be clean when our daughter Bethany and our granddaughter Louisa visit us next week. Carol is excited about seeing our daughter and granddaughter. My wife needs a break from her hard life. I pray Carol has a nice time with Beth and Lou.

I have done nothing but read and wander the house since getting home this evening. I will close with a quote from the treatise "The Roads To Zion Mourn".

"3. Another Illustration: Aspirative Meditation on the Lord's Prayer

45. Having in fact discussed how the anagogical sense lies hidden in the Scriptures, it now remains to speak of how one ascends to the unitive way via the present illuminative path, based on the Psalmist's word, In my meditation a fire shall flame out, and so forth (Ps 38:4) [39:3]). Because up to now the human spirit making progress remained undisposed for that which clears the way to carry anagogic affections to the Beloved, it was, until now, useful first to employ a bit of the pondering method just described [par. 13-44], so that through guiding cogitation a bit of a spark in the spirit might begin to affect her toward him to whom, in the third stage, she will be raised as often as she wishes, unhindered and without any cogitation leading the way or keeping company. To eliminate obstacles to this elevation and to make its full attainment possible, all pondering and meditation will be cut away from this wisdom as it makes its upsurge. For cogitation is not present here except in order that through it the affection might be set on fire." pg. 103 Hugh of Balma

old diary entry What I read during the year 2011

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