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the radiance of divine darkness

It is 8:04 PM Monday night. I had a quiet day. I mainly read today a 13th century treatise titled, "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma. Not much else to report. Tomorrow is a Tuesday.

Well I will close with a quote from "The Roads To Zion Mourn"-

"7. Our concern at present is the first ray, which lies hidden beneath Scripture. Through it one ascends to unitive love. [Yet, a word or two on the other two rays is in order.] The second ray more often accompanies unitive love, for the closer the human spirit approaches through loving affections to the fount of light, the more powerfully she is filled with increasingly divine rays, just as the dawn sheds light first on the regions closest to it. On the third path, through insatiable sighing the human spirit gasps for complete union with her Beloved. More acted upon than acting, she is divinely raised up to receive the third ray of light. The Beloved then says to the one who has sighed so long, Friend, go up higher (Lk 14:10). In this regard Denis later said in the Mystical Theology, "Surge up unknowingly to that union which is above all cognition, spirit, and intellect," where the practice of unitive love is handed on, where the affectus surges upward that which the understanding knows not. Then he adds these words, speaking to Timothy: "Removing from yourself all these things, and completely freed from everything that restrains, you will be brought up on high in purity to the radiance of divine darkness." In speaking of the uplifting of unitive love he says, "Surge upward [consurge] for grace and nature are at work here. After that he says, "You will be brought up on high" [sursum ageris], since here grace, not nature, lifts the human spirit to experiential and unmediated knowledge of celestial things and through grace the human soul is made ready for such experiential and direct knowledge." pg. Hugh Of Balma pg. 83 ILLUMINATIVE WAY

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