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two moons

It is 12:30 PM Thursday afternoon in the divine flow. I took Rudy for a walk at Kollen Park and visited thrift stores to look at used books. I found these used books this morning to ADD to our library.

"The Underground Man" a novel by Mick Jackson

"The Nearest Exit" a novel by Olen Steinhauer

"Gods Without Men" a novel by Hari Kunzru

"Lamentations Of The Father" essays by Ian Frazier (I collect the writings of Ian Frazier.)

"Two Moons" a novel by Thomas Mallon (I recently read Mallon's book, "A Book Of One's Own People And Their Diaries". I also have in our book collection a novel by Mallon titled, "Dewy Defeat's Truman".)

"Pablo Picasso: His Life And Times: A Biography" by Pierre Cabanne (I collect books on Pablo Picasso. Recently I found at a used book sale this book on Picasso, "Gertrude Stein On Picasso".)

After visiting thrift stores I walked Rudy our dog at Kollen Park I came home to recover from being out in the world system. Well I will close to down load the pictures at took this morning at Kollen Park. No way out.

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