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the void behind our fears

It is 4:43 PM Friday evening in the flow of existence. It has been a normal day thus far. I can not remember doing anything today different from yesterday.

This morning I went with Carol at garage sales. When we got home Carol left to have coffee with her cousins. I stayed home and spent time reading my books. I laid down for an hour. Carol got home around 12:30 PM from having coffee with her cousins.

So has gone by Time. Right now I am writing in my online diary. Before that I was wandering the house and reading the novel, "The Four Fingers Of Death" by Rick Moody. Earlier I read some more of the book, "Time Of Need: Forms Of Imagination In The Twentieth Century" by William Barrett.

I did go out in our backyard this afternoon and water the wildflowers. I did see a few wildflowers, but not many. We need a heat wave before we will see all the wildflowers in full bloom.

Carol skyped Bethany and Louisa Mae this afternoon. Louisa is getting big. She is going to be a tall girl like her father and grandmother.

Well I can not think of anything else to report. Tomorrow I once again volunteer at the Herrick Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. Existence keeps decaying.

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