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Christ the Believer's All

180 8.7. J. Hart
Christ the Believer’s All. Acts 5. 31; Gal. 6. 14; Eph. 1. 7;
1 Lamb of God, we fall before thee,
Humbly trusting in thy cross;
That alone be all our glory;
All things else are dung and dross;
Thee we own a perfect Saviour,
Only Source of all that’s good:
Every grace and every favour
Comes to us through Jesus’ blood.

2 [Jesus gives us true repentance,
By his Spirit sent from heaven;
Jesus whispers this sweet sentence,
“Son, thy sins are all forgiven.”
Faith he gives us to believe it;
Grateful hearts his love to prize;
Want we wisdom? He must give it;
Hearing ears, and seeing eyes.]

3 [Jesus gives us pure affections,
Wills to do what he requires;
Makes us follow his directions,
And what he commands inspires.
All our prayers and all our praises,
Rightly offered in his name,
He that dictates them is Jesus;
He that answers is the same.]

4 When we live on Jesus’ merit,
Then we worship God aright,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Then we savingly unite.
Hear the whole conclusion of it;
Great or good, whate’er we call,
God, or King, or Priest, or Prophet,
Jesus Christ is All in All.

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