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only believers in Christ are regenerated by Christ

Since it is too early to go to bed I thought I would share what I last read in the book "John 1-12" Reformation Commentary On Scripture.

"Only Believers In Christ Are Regenerated By Christ. Johannes Brenz: John was a true light, but Christ was the true light, illuminating every believing human. But there is an antithesis here between the light of this world and the light of Christ. For the sun, which is the visible light of this world, certainly illuminates, but only those who have eyes and can see. The blind it always leaves blind. But Christ is not only an external light but also both an eye and light, providing light to the blind that he may direct their steps from sin, death and extreme darkness to righteousness and eternal life. Furthermore, because he says, "He enlightens every human being coming into the world," you must not think that every human being, no matter how many there are, were or will be, will be illumined by Christ. "For not all human beings have faith." "Few are chosen." Only a remnant is being saved. But this statement must be understood as a mode of argument. For John is writing about regeneration, which is accomplished by Christ. And therefore when he says that every human being is illumined by Christ, he is including only those who are regenerated by the Spirit and who believe, so that afterwards he explains himself, saying, "He gave power to become children of God," namely, those who had believed in his name, not to the unbelieving. Scripture makes frequent use of these ways of speaking. . ." pg. 23

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