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this Word became incarnate in Christ restoring life to fallen creation and illumining the world

It is 12:04 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. When people ask me if I am from Holland I immediately tell them No. I am from Richmond California. I was born in Oakland California. I am from the West Coast. I am not from Holland Michigan. My wife grew up in Holland Michigan. That is why we live here in Holland Michigan.

Outside this afternoon it is gray and rainy. It is suppose to clear up meaning the weather. When you write in LJ one is forced to make sure you are being understood. I must confess I am not good at communicating. I have a limited vocabulary. I know very few words. I do not know how to make real with words my Reality. It is a struggle to make myself heard or understood. In the end it is all a mystery.

I just got back from visiting a local thrift store to look at their used books. I found these used books today.

"Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie"

"A Third Testament: St Augustine, Blaise Pascal, William Blake, Soren Kierkegaard, Leo Tolstoy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer" essays by Malcolm Muggeridge

"Turbulent Souls: A Catholic Son's Return to His Jewish Family" memoir by Stephen J. Dubner

"Crooked Litter Heart" a novel by Anne Lamott (another book for the library used books store)

"Fifth Business" a novel by Robertson Davies (I plan to take this book to the library book nook to be sold-bought for a quarter and goes for a dollar at the book nook.)

"Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest Of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure The World" biography by Tracy Kidder (I have another book by Kidder somewhere in my book collection.)

"Burning The Days: Recollection" memoir by James Salter (this is a hardback edition whereas mine is a paperback)

Some of these books I plan to take to the Herrick Public Library book nook for people to buy.

So existence goes by. No plans for the day ahead of me but read and write in my paper diary.

Last night I read my new Reformation commentary on the Gospel of John chapters 1 through 12. I found out yesterday that the next Reformation commentary to be published will be on the Gospel of Luke Autumn 2014.

Well, I will close to eat something for lunch and drift through the day.

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