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we serve a Risen Savior

It is 5:37 PM Friday night. I am down in the lower level again because Carol has the TV on and I can not think with the television on making a lot of meaningless noise. Carol likes watching reruns and reading her book on cancer, she is relaxing. I like to relax in silence sitting in the dining room reading my books and just sitting waiting for Time to be no more.

I have been wanting to quote from my Reformation Commentary on the Acts of the Apostle so I will do that as a way to get my mind on something soul saving.

"The God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom you murdered by hanging on a tree. Him God has exalted to His right hand to be Prince and Savior, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins" Acts 5:30,31.

"Repentance Begins And Continues By God's Grace. John Calvin: Repentance is indeed a voluntary conversion, but what is the source of this willingness except that God changes our heart, making a heart of flesh out of a heart of stone, one that is pliable out of one that is hard and stiff, and, finally, one that is upright out of one that is crooked? And this happens when Christ regenerates us by his Spirit. Of course, this is not the gift of a single moment but one that must be increased daily all through life until at last we draw near to God completely; and that will take place only when we have put off our flesh. It is certainly the beginning of repentance when a person who was previously alienated from God renounces himself and the world and begins a new life. But because we have only started out on the way and are far from the goal, we must constantly press on. We obtain both of these things by the help of Christ. For as he begins repentance in us, so he also gives us perseverance. Commentary On Acts 5:31.

The Benefits Of Christ Are Repentance And Forgiveness. Rudolf Gwalther. Although a person is converted to God, our salvation is still not perfect and full. When we are sinners, we still have need of forgiveness and satisfaction, since nothing else will satisfy God's justice. But as we have said even now that we could not convert to God unless we were regenerated by Christ, much less can we satisfy for our sins. And Christ teaches us that our sins are such a debt that we are not able to pay. Therefore, just as in the first part, Christ supported our infirmity, so in this also he helps us. By the merit of his death he both purges the debt of our sin and makes us just in the sight of God, while he bestows his righteousness on us who believe in him. Therefore, he became sin for us, that we by his means should be that righteousness which is acceptable before God. Both these things without which no one can be saved comes as benefits of Christ alone. . . This is the reason that [Peter], comprehending the sum of the gospel in few words, teaches that repentance and forgiveness of sins must be preached in his name. Homily 37, Acts 5:27-32." pg. 68

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