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he inflicts wounds inwardly

I mentioned earlier that I have been reading off and on a book I read awhile back titled, Gregory the Great On the Song of Songs Translated and Introduction by Mark DelCogliance. I got out this book once again because I recently found out that a new translation of Gregory the Great's work "Moral Reflections On The Book Of Job" Volume 1 (Introduction And Books 1-5) Translated by Brian Kemp OCSO Introduction by Mark DelCogliano is being published Fall 2014 by Cistercian Publications.

I collect commentaries on The Book of Job and books on Job. I already pre-ordered this book "Moral Reflections On The Book Of Job" Volume 1 by Gregory the Great.

The book Gregory the Great On the Song of Songs is described on the back cover as being "all that Gregory had to say on the Song of Songs: his Exposition on the Song of Songs, the florilegia complied by Paterius (Gregory's secretary) and the Venerable Bede, and William of Saint Thierry's Excerpts from the Books of blessed Gregory on the Song of Songs."

Last year I read "The Venerable Bede On the Song of Songs and Selected Writings" [The Classics Of Western Spirituality].

I will quote something I read the other day in the book Gregory the Great On the Song of Songs that has been on my mind.

"Song 2:5b (LXX). I have been wounded by love.
W15. In two ways Almighty God wounds those whom he is concerned to restore to health. Sometimes he whips them outwardly on the flesh in order to cure the poison of sins. Sometimes, even if the outward blows seem to have stopped, he inflicts wounds inwardly because he strikes the hardness of our mind with desire for him. Yet by striking he heals because, when we have been pierced by the spear of fear for him, he recalls us to an upright frame of mind. For our hearts are sickly when stricken with no love for God, when unmindful of the woefulness of our pilgrimage, when apathetic with hardly and feeling at all toward the weakness of our neighbor. But they are wounded that they may be healed because God strikes unfeeling minds with the darts of love for him and soon makes them full of feeling through the burning heat of charity. Hence here the Bride says: I have been wounded by love. For the soul that is sickly and in the state of this exile lies prostrate in blind security has neither seen God nor sought to see him. But when she is struck by the darts of his love, she is 'wounded' in her innermost recesses with tender devotion, burns with desire for contemplation, and marvelously is restored to life through her wound, though one she lay dead in health. She yearns, she pants, and she desires to see him whom she fled." pg. 197 Gregory the Great

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