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A.D. 64? Arrival of first Christians in China (according to tradition)

It is in the flow of existence 3:17 PM Sunday afternoon. I usually start shutting down around this time of day. I usually put my paper diary away around this time of day. What else is there to report about this day after 3 o'clock PM. I usually just sit till it is time to go to bed. I rarely do anything during the evening hours besides read or watch television. There is nothing on TV tonight. I am not in the mood to read right this second.

This morning before Carol went to Covenant PCA we drove downtown Holland to Reader's World bookstore to look around. Carol bought a Sunday Detroit Free Press newspaper and two children's books. I bought a book I had recently read a review on titled, "The Great And Holy War: How World War I Became A Religious Crusade" by Philip Jenkins (AUTHOR OF THE LOST HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY).

I have not read anything today. I have mainly done nothing today but wander the house. Carol and I did go into our backyard this afternoon to tie our honeysuckle plant to an old pole. We want the honeysuckle plant to twist around this old pole and not spread into our backyard. We have a jungle in our backyard. I hate chopping down plants even if some people call them weeds. But some weeds do overtake flowers and must die.

Right now I am down in the lower level typing on my old lap top computer. I was thinking of laying down for awhile since I feel somewhat drained of life force. I could read some more of the memoir "The World of Yesterday" by Zweig this afternoon. This morning I did read some of my books on Acts (NT).

Well I suppose I will close to feel blown out. Tomorrow is the last day of June 2014. This coming Tuesday is July 1, 2014.

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