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the non-Eurpean origins of European culture

It is now in the flow 5:31 PM Monday night. I am down in the lower level writing on my old lap top. I remember long time ago taking this lap top to work to write during my 30 minute lunch break. I only took my lap top a couple of times, because it was easier to write in my diary on paper instead on a computer during my short lunch break. I like writing down here where most of our books are at.

I spent the day basically wandering the house and reading my books. Carol left this morning to do errands and did not get home till sometime after 12 o'clock Noon No Carol left around Noon to do errands and got home around 2:13 PM according to my paper diary. I read this morning into the noon hours from a book titled,"Proust Was a Neuroscientist" by Jonah Lehrer. After read that book by Lehrer I got out to read, "The World of Yesterday" A Memoir by Stefan Zweig.

I want to get back into reading the biography, "Updike" by Adam Begley once again.

I have been trying to read too many books at one time. I do not think I will get back into reading the book, "The Ruin of Kasch" by Roberto Calasso. I am almost finish reading the novel, "Making Things Better" by Anita Brookner. I need to keep reading my books on the Acts of the Apostles (NT). On and on it goes when it comes to the books I want to read or need to finish reading. I am almost finished read the memoir, "The World of Yesterday" by Stefan Zweig. I do not know if I will get back into following books.

"Seven Continents & Forty Years" memoirs by C. L. Sulzberger

"The Essays of A. J. Muste" Edited by Nat Hentoff

"A Life In Our Times" A Memoir by John Kenneth Galbraith

"Working The Room" essays by Geoff Dyer

Well, I suppose I will close to rest my brain. Existence keeps speeding by!

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