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coming to the end of Spring 2014

It is 1:11 PM Tuesday afternoon. The day goes by thus far normal. I have been basically reading, "A Life In Our Times" Memoirs by John Kenneth Galbraith. While reading I have been listening to heavy metal music. The sun came out this afternoon, but it is 83 degrees outside. We still have on our central system. Yesterday when Carol came home she remarked that our house smelled like old dirty carpet and an old dog. In a way I was pleased by that remark because that tells me we are not your typical bourgeois. At times I think I am living like an old hippie out in the woods. I want our environment to be plain. When I am driving around our neighborhood I often say when I see a nice looking house "That would be a nice place to rot in." Why do people dress up their tombs?

I did leave the house this morning to get some money and to pick up a prescription at a local grocery store. I did not visit in thrift stores while out because I am booked out. I am sure this evening at the used books sale bag sale I will find more books to haul home.

I do not know what will come in the mail this afternoon.

I should read something different now. I am tired. I went out in the backyard today and took pictures of a tree bearing white flowers. Yesterday when I was watering my wildflowers I spotted in the far corner of our yard a tree bearing these lovely white blossoms. I took some pictures of these white flowers before they decay. My wildflowers have not bloomed yet. Maybe by the end of June we will see some wildflowers in our backyard.

Well I will close to drift through the afternoon.



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