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the goodness of God

It is 10:40 PM Sunday night. I am not going to write much right now because it is my bedtime. I just wanted to write down a thought I have had lately that I want to capture on paper before I forget it.

The other day I was thinking about all the evil that takes place on the earth each day. All this evil is committed by human beings and not creatures like dogs, cats, birds etc. . . All of creation except for mankind do good things or actions. Only man does evil actions like rape, murder, stealing etc. . . Animals do not kill for no purpose. Animals can not do evil. When we see all the evil that takes place in the world each day by human beings I am sure all other creatures do countless good each day. Think of all the good done by the sun and the moon. Think of all the good cats and dogs do each day. Think of the good butterflies do each day. Think of all the good birds do each day. All of creation does willingly the will of the Lord Jesus. Dogs do not disobey God. Squirrels do not rebel against God. All of creation praises God and does good. Only man disobeys God and brings death and sorrow on the earth. In the end I am sure more good is done on the earth each day than the evil done by men and women. We do not see I think the goodness made visible in wind blowing through a field of flowers for example. Or the goodness of God seen in ocean waves or rain showers. We tend to focus on the evil done by men and not on all the goodness done by God's created order. Well just a thought.

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