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the basic problems of an organismic life

It is 9:03 PM Saturday night. Another day has gone by. I put away my May 2014 diary down in the lower level. Tomorrow I will start my June 2014 diary. I always take pictures of my June 2014 calendar and post them in my blogs and LiveJournal journal communities Embodiment and Paperexpression. I take photos of my diary out of habit. I tell myself it is all harmless. I am not hurting anyone by posting photos of my diary. I am not forcing anyone to look at my diary photos. I am always seeking to be polite and not weird.

So this day has gone by. This afternoon I read my books on the Acts of the Apostle. I watered my wild flowers and lawn. We have a nice backyard and a nice front yard. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood. We live in a middle-class neighborhood. There are on our street five single women, a retired nurse, a school teacher, a nurse that works in an office, another school teacher and a retired lady. Most families on our block have grown children. Oh, there is one single fellow who is a Youth Minister a couple houses down from us. Most of the people on our street have children who have grown up and have gotten married. On the corner east of us is a doctor with a family. I saw this doctor this afternoon mowing his lawn. He was wearing a very large floppy straw hat as he mowed. The doctor and his wife have a big vegetable garden and they also raise chickens. In the morning I can hear their chickens clucking away. On Sundays I always see this young doctor with his wife and four kids walking to church. Down the street from us is a large Vineyard Ministry Church.

Tonight since there is nothing on television worth watching so I have been reading, "Making Things Better" a novel by Anita Brookner.

My wife got up this evening around 6:15 PM to get ready for work. She left for work at 7:55 PM. My wife is a Rapid Response nurse at a nearby hospital. I think she is off tomorrow night.

I thought about writing about some other things, but now all that seems old hat. I suppose I will close to read and wander the house. Existence keeps speeding by.

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