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a trapped chipmunk

When I got home from the library book nook this afternoon I once again set the chipmunk trap. I immediately caught another chipmunk and after lunch I drove to VanRaalte Farm county park and let him lose in the same place I left out the other four chipmunks. I figure we have at least five more chipmunks to trap before we are free of these creatures.

I had a quiet time at the library used bookstore today. I mainly read the book "The Denial of Death" by Becker. Towards the end of my shift at the book nook I got to talking to a fellow name Joe who was a traveling Christian evangelist. Joe had his little girl with him who was a hand full! It was hard having a conversation with Joe because his little girl was so disruptive. I found Joe to be an interesting Christian fellow. He was a very intense talker so I did not say much. I usually tell people the same sad story of how I never was ordained into the Gospel ministry by conservative Presbyterians. Joe told me he had ordained himself into the Christian ministry. Well maybe someday I will run into Joe and his family again. I told Joe to read my blog "crookedfingers".

I would write more but I am hot and extremely tired. I did find these used books today to ADD to our library. (It is 84 degrees today here in West Michigan.)

"Five Points: The 19th-Century New York City Neighborhood That Invented Tap Dance, Stole Elections, And Became The World's Most Notorious Slum" by Tyler Anbinder

"Borrowed Finery" A Memoir by Paula Fox

"Cambridge" a novel by Caryl Phillips

"Paris, France" A Knopf Guide

trapped chipmunk

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