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junk mail

I will list the books I have by Will Self in our library.

"Junk Mail" by Will Self

"Cock & Bull" by Will Self

"The Quantity Theory of Insanity and other stories" by Will Self

"Dorian" a novel by Will Self

"Umbrella" a novel by Will Self

"My Idea of Fun" a novel by Will Self

"The Book of Dave" a novel by Will Self

I started collecting the writings of Will Self many years ago. I recently picked up Self's book "Junk Mail" at a used bookstore.

I had a normal day today. My wife left this evening to have fellowship with women from Covenant PCA. When she left I was down in the lower level reading "Junk Mail" by Self.

This morning I went down into the lower level around 10:30 AM to lay in the cool darkness. I got up around 12:30 PM to find Carol cleaning.

Today when not wandering the house I read, "The World of Yesterday" A Memoir by Stefan Zweig [Newly translated by Anthea Bell].

Tonight besides reading "Junk Mail" I have been reading, "The Denial Of Death" by Ernest Becker.

I have never met any Christians who have read the writings of Will Self. I wonder why?

Well I will close to read and wait for tomorrow to come. Tomorrow morning I get my beard trimmed and my hair cut. I might get my blood drawn tomorrow morning also.

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