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I took Rudy for a walk at Centennial Park downtown Holland. While we walked around this city park I took pictures of the tulips. After walking at Centennial Park we walked downtown to Full Circle music shop. Recently Full Circle music shop was sold to a new owner and I wanted to see what changes the new owners had made to the interior of the store. I was really impressive by the changes inside the store. The new store owners took out a lot of junk and put in lightening. It was real nice inside the music store, open space. The only draw back about Full Circle is that they sell only used vinyl records not new or used CD's. I am not into buying vinyl records only outdated CD's. The store did have a few used CD's though and I found one used CD Sixteen Horsepower Live 2001 that I bought for my music collection. I have already have CD's in my music library by Sixteen Horsepower. Sixteen Horsepower broke up a long time ago (2005). Now the lead singer in 16 Horsepower is the lead singer in Wovenhand who is David Eugene Edwards. I recently got the new Wovenhand CD for my music library. Wovenhand is one of my favorite bands.

After checking out Full Circle music shop Rudy and I came home to cool off. Existence keeps decaying.

Sixteen Horsepower





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