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It is now in the flow 3:15 PM Sunday afternoon. My day thus far goes by normal. The sun is still shining in the blue sky this afternoon. I did not go for a walk today with my wife. My wife did not get home from Covenant PCA till 12:30 PM. After church my wife went to a bookstore downtown Holland to get another Sunday newspaper. I have been mainly today wandering the house and reading my books. I have been reading today "Pigeon Feathers and other stories" by John Updike and "Updike" biography by Adam Begley.

My wife went to bed this afternoon to sleep. She goes back to work tomorrow night. She has been off six nights. I often wonder what our life together will be like when she is retired from professional nursing. I have found retirement a rich spiritual blessing.

My wife tells me she finds it hard to slow her brain down. I tell her that her brain is is always speeding due to the fast pace of modern life. I tell her once she is retired in time she will notice her brain slowing down to a normal pace. When I retired from the work force it took me two years to get back to my natural brain flow.

So the first day of a new week goes by. Not much else to report this afternoon. Well I will go back to reading my books.

I did want to mention that if I was to write a book about my birth mother I would start with a memory that my mother was locked in a closet by her mother when she was a teenager. I never knew my mother's mother. I never really knew my own birth mother. I never knew my birth father. I was born a bastard.

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