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John Updike

Below is a list of writings by the American writer John Updike. I put an X by the books I have by Updike in my library. I do not have any poetry books by Updike in my library. I do not recall ever coming across used poetry books by John Updike. I also have never read any poetry by Updike.

I was thinking this morning I can not remember ever meeting anyone in my life who has read the writings of John Updike. Yesterday when Carol and I were visiting Black River Used Bookstore I mentioned the poet Philip Larkin and a British writer named Anthony Powell. The owners of this used bookstore did not know these names.

Anthony Powell

Rabbit novels

(1960) Rabbit, Run X
(1971) Rabbit Redux X
(1981) Rabbit Is Rich X
(1990) Rabbit At Rest X
(1995) Rabbit Angstrom: The Four Novels
(2001) Rabbit Remembered (a novella in the collection Licks of Love) X

Bech books

(1970) Bech, a Book
(1982) Bech Is Back X
(1998) Bech at Bay
(2001) The Complete Henry Bech

Buchanan books

(1974) Buchanan Dying (a play)
(1992) Memories of the Ford Administration (a novel) X

Eastwick books

(1984) The Witches of Eastwick X
(2008) The Widows of Eastwick X

The Scarlet Letter Trilogy

(1975) A Month of Sundays
(1986) Roger's Version X
(1988) S. X

Other novels

(1959) The Poorhouse Fair X
(1963) The Centaur X
(1965) Of the Farm X
(1968) Couples X
(1977) Marry Me
(1978) The Coup X
(1994) Brazil X
(1996) In the Beauty of the Lilies
(1997) Toward the End of Time
(2000) Gertrude and Claudius
(2002) Seek My Face X
(2004) Villages X
(2006) Terrorist X

Short Story Collections

(1959) The Same Door
(1962) Pigeon Feathers X
(1964) Olinger Stories (a selection)
(1966) The Music School X
(1972) Museums And Women
(1979) Problems
(1979) Too Far To Go (the Maples stories)
(1987) Trust Me X
(1994) The Afterlife X
(2000) The Best American Short Stories of the Century (editor)
(2001) Licks of Love X
(2003) The Early Stories: 1953–1975
(2003) Three Trips
(2009) My Father's Tears and Other Stories
(2009) The Maples Stories
(2013) The Collected Stories, Volume 1: Collected Early Stories
(2013) The Collected Stories, Volume 2: Collected Later Stories


(1958) The Carpentered Hen
(1963) Telephone Poles
(1969) Midpoint
(1969) Dance of the Solids
(1974) Cunts: Upon Receiving The Swingers Life Club Membership Solicitation (limited edition)
(1977) Tossing and Turning
(1985) Facing Nature
(1993) Collected Poems 1953–1993
(2001) Americana and Other Poems
(2009) Endpoint and Other Poems

Non-fiction, essays and criticism

(1965) Assorted Prose
(1975) Picked-Up Pieces
(1983) Hugging The Shore X
(1989) Self-Consciousness: Memoirs X
(1989) Just Looking
(1991) Odd Jobs X
(1996) Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf
(1999) More Matter
(2005) Still Looking: Essays on American Art
(2005) In Love with a Wanton: Essays on Golf
(2007) Due Considerations: Essays and Criticism
(2010) Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu: John Updike on Ted Williams (Library of America)
(2011) Higher Gossip
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