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we manage to give the emptiness such appealing variety

It is Now and not later. I did lay down and sleep till 11:30 AM. I got up came up stairs to read and write in my paper diary. My wife got home from Covenant PCA around Noon. I asked her how come she got home so late from church. She told me she got to talking to two ladies about medical stuff. People at my wife's church know she is a nurse and often grab her after the church service to tell her about their recent medical problems or the recent medical problems of loved ones or friends. I find it disturbing that these people/professing Christians never talk to my wife about spiritual things/realities just about the material body. Weird. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. One of the reasons I stop going to church was that no one wanted to talk about spiritual things. There was no spiritual fellowship at church so why go? I always felt like a freak because I wanted to talk about the Bible or the spiritual life.

For example my wife told me she talked to a woman after church that told her that their daughter had gone to school with our daughter. The woman told my wife her and her husband had been coming to Covenant PCA since last Fall. Before coming to Covenant PCA they had gone to a mega Methodist church here in Holland. The woman told my wife their Methodist church had gotten too big so they started coming to Covenant PCA. I told my wife so this couple left a Methodist church to come to a Calvinistic church. Two different theological systems, Methodism holds to Arminianism and the Presbyterian Church in America holds to Calvinism. The point is that if I had been there talking to this woman I would have asked her did she recognize that Covenant PCA preaches and teaches Calvinism and not Arminianism? For example Covenant PCA has a different understanding of salvation than a Methodist church. I am sure I would have gotten only silence from this woman.

I have been reading this afternoon once again the book, "The Image, or What Happened to the American Dream" by Daniel J. Boorstin. I have been reading in this book the chapter 'From Hero to Celebrity'. I found this interesting in this book.

"A simpler explanation is that the machinery of information has brought into being a new substitute for the hero, who is the celebrity and whose main characteristic is his well-knownness. In the democracy of pseudo-events, anyone can become a celebrity, if only he can get into the news and stay there. Figures from the world of entertainment and sports are most apt to be well known. If they are successful enough, they actually overshadow the real figures they portray. . . they are most apt to have energetic press agents keeping them in the public eye.

It is hardly surprising then that magazine and newspaper readers no longer find the lives of their heroes instructive. Popular biographies can offer very little in the way of solid information. For the subjects are themselves mere figments of the media. If their lives are empty of drama or achievement, it is only as we might have expected, for they are not known for drama or achievement. They are celebrities. Their chief claim to fame is their fame itself. They are notorious for their notoriety. If this is puzzling or fantastic, if is mere tautology, it is no more puzzling or fantastic or tautologous than much of the rest of our experience. Our experience tends more and more to become tautology-needless repetition of the same in different words and images. Perhaps what ails us is not so much a vice as a 'nothingness'. The vacuum of our experience is actually made emptier by our anxious straining with mechanical devices to fill it artificially. What is remarkable is not only that we manage to fill experience with so much emptiness, but that we manage to give the emptiness such appealing variety." pg. 69 Daniel J. Boorstin "The Image"

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