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It is now in the flow of this day now night 8:18 PM Wednesday. I am typing on my newest lap top computer. I purchased this Samsung lap top computer back in May 2013 and have hardly used it. I bought this computer because I thought I would take it with me when I was at a coffee cafe or the library, but I realized that I rather write here at home than out in the world. My old computer is going on eight years old and runs fine. I mainly use our the computer located in our living room. I sometimes go down in the lower level of our home (the basement) and use my old lap top computer. I got out my new lap top computer to see if I needed to down load any updates.

I had a normal day today. I did not go anywhere or take a nap today. I mainly read my books and wandered the house. Right now there is nothing on TV worth watching so I am fooling with my new lap top computer.

Carol left for work around 7:50 AM tonight. She is off tomorrow night from work.

I have been reading this evening from a book titled, "The Image or What Happened to the American Dream" by Daniel J. Boorstin.

Earlier while I was on our main computer our son Josiah came online and I skyped him. Josiah was on his computer waiting to do online for an interview for a teaching job in Washington. Joe and I talked for 30 minutes and then we closed because it was almost time for his skyped interview.

Nothing exciting came in the mail today. Tomorrow morning I take Rudy to get groomed. I might visit thrift stores tomorrow while out in search of used books to add to our library.

Well I will close to drift. I am pretty tired so hopefully I will sleep soundly tonight.

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