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Jesse Winchester has died at 69

It is 3:53 PM Saturday afternoon. I just got up from a nap down in the lower level. I laid down around 2 o'clock PM and got up around 3:40 PM. When I came upstairs I noticed Carol had gone to bed. I messed with the computer and found out the singer songwriter Jesse Winchester died from throat cancer. I dug out my only CD by Jesse Winchester titled "Gentleman of Leisure". Years ago I was into the kind of music produced by singer songwriter Jesse Winchester. Now I am to extreme music like Thou "Heathen". Not saying I do not still like quiet music. I recently pre-ordered the new Wovenhand CD.

I had a normal time at the Herrick Public Library used bookstore. I left the house for the book nook around 9:45 PM and got home around 1 o'clock PM. The book nook was not busy today. I read when not helping people from these two books, "This Is My Beloved Son: The Transfiguration Of Christ" by Andreas Andreopoulos and "The Acts Of The Apostles" [The Pillar New Testament Commentary] by David G. Peterson. I brought home from the book nook one used book to add to our library, "Peace" a novel by Richard Bausch.

When I got home Carol was leaving to deliver a meal to a sick friend. I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. I have been reading from these two books since getting home from the book nook, "A Sunlit Absence: Silence, Awareness, and Contemplation" by Martin Laird and "The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology" compiled by Igumen Chariton of Valamo.

So my short life speeds by. Now is the time to love because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Well I will close to take my daily hot shower. Time to shut down and go into the darkness.

Jesse Winchester has died at 69

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