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the Feast of the Passover

It is 8:25 AM Monday morning. It is the last day of March 2014. Tomorrow will be April 1st 2014. Life is going by. Carol flies home April 3rd if all goes according to plan. We never know what tomorrow will bring our way.

I got up this morning around 7:13 AM. I got up made a pot of coffee (four cups). After making coffee I messed with our main computer. Next I ate breakfast and now I am writing in my blogs.

I have noticed that I have entered a state where I am sick of everything. I can't not get into any of books. I am thinking of clearing off my desk of books and starting over. I thought I could get into the The Acts of the Apostles (New Testament), but every time I get out my books I can't get into them. I keep thinking over and over the Day of Pentecost. Next month we in the Christian world will celebrate Resurrection Day (Easter). I recently bought a book titled, "The Final Days Of Jesus" Walk With Jesus During His Last Week On Earth by Andreas J. Kostenberger & Justin Taylor. I can't seem to get into this week either. I spent a ton of money on books lately and already they sit gathering dust.

I do not remember reading anything yesterday.

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11:30 PM. Carol called when I was putting my pictures in Flickr into their sets. I have over fourteen thousand pictures in my Flickr site. I have over sixteen thousand entries in my LiveJournal blog. I have over thirty thousand pages in my diaries. I have over seven thousand books. What is strange is that no one knows me or wants to know me. I told Carol last night on the phone that if she was to die I would simply disappear. I would sell everything and disappear. I can see myself dying alone someplace isolated.

So what to do today to keep myself awake. Outside this morning I can see clear skies. Maybe around 10 o'clock AM I will go visit thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library.


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