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It is 6:35 PM Jonny Thursday evening. How did your day go? Well to be honest it went by quietly. I spent the afternoon watching birds at our bird feeder and reading "Friend Of My Youth" Stories by Alice Munro. I have five books by Alice Munro in my library. I do not remember reading Munro's stories till lately. Munro's short stories are interesting. I recently read for awhile short stories by Joyce Carol Oates and Edna O'Brien. In the past I have read short stories by Saul Bellow's and Katherine Mansfield. It seems in my later years I am reading more short stories.

I want to write but there is nothing to write. Since I hardly do anything it is difficult to come up with something to write about.

Carol called me this afternoon from a public library. Beth, Carol and baby Mae were in-between doctor's appointments and were at a public library across the street from a medical building. Carol called me because this public library had used books for sale and she wanted to know if I wanted any of the books she was looking at. As she read off titles and authors I searched my LibraryThing site and Amazon. Carol found four used books for me to ADD to our library.

"Alias Grace" a novel by Margaret Atwood

"Runaway" stories by Alice Munro

"The Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945" by Marie Wassiltschikow

a book on the Spanish Civil War General Franco & Fascism

There is nothing on television worth watching so I will read "Friend Of My Youth" stories by Munro and maybe start reading short stories by Joyce Carol Oates in a used book I found yesterday titled, "Faithless: Tales Of Transgression."

Tomorrow is a Friday. It is suppose to snow all the way into the month of April. I was looking at plant life in our back yard today and everything is dead. I think this last winter has killed alot of plants and trees.

Well I will close to read and go to bed early.

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