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the mawkish idealism that produced the pastiche medievalism of the Victorians

It is 11:56 AM Thursday late morning. It will soon be Noontime and it will be all downhill from that point on.

I had a dentist appointment this morning at 8:20 AM to have my teeth checked over and cleaned. After my dentist appointment I took my friend Tim out for breakfast. I was home from having a meal with Tim around 11:15 AM (table fellowship). Carol had called while I was out, so I called her back. Beth, Carol and baby Mae were on the road going to a pediatrician appointment.

So the morning has gone by. It has been raining snow and ice all day here in West Michigan. It feels like the middle of Winter this afternoon.

Last night I read a short story from the book "Friend Of My Youth" by Alice Munro. Munro's short stories remind of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates and Edna O'Brien. I went to bed early last night.

Carol called last night around 9 o'clock PM. I could not remember what I had done that afternoon. Later I remembered that I read through the March 27, 2014 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine. In this issue was an interesting interview with Bill Gates.

I should get back into read Acts (New Testament) and commentaries. I usually stuff my head full of stuff and then meditate for awhile on what I have read.

Well I will close to drift through the rest of the day. I feel like falling asleep.

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