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His church is one

It is 11:01 AM Thursday morning. It is the first day of Spring even though it still feels like Winter. All I see outside today are gray skies and snow.

We are leaving for the Grand Rapids airport this afternoon around 2 o'clock PM. I decided not to go to Grand Rapids early so as to visit bookstores because I do not need any more books. I usually spend a ton of money on books when we visit GR. I have not read the last books I bought when we visited bookstores in GR. I am insane. I need my head examined. I need a new lease on existence.

Carol and I both got up around 7:50 AM this morning. I took the car in this morning to have a tire looked at that was slowly going soft. Carol has been packing all morning for her plane trip this evening.

I have been reading this morning when not feeling at a total lost a New Testament commentary titled, "Acts" by Jaroslav Pelikan [Brazos Theological Commentary On The Bible].

Last night I listened to music and went to bed around 11:05 PM. Carol worked last night from 8 PM till 11 PM. She got home around 11:30 PM last night and came to bed around 1:15 AM. She woke me up when she came to bed.

So existence keeps crawling by on all fours. Well, I will close to feel freaked. I will feel better when it is all over.

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