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the 1960's Antiwar Movement

It is now in the flow of the Plan of God 1:14 PM Thursday afternoon. I did find the courage to leave the house this morning to visit thrift stores. I found these used books today to ADD to our Book Collection.

"Lions of West: Heroes And Villains Of The Westward Expansion" by Robert Morgan

"Revolutionaries: A New History Of The Invention Of America" by Jack Rakove

"Slaugherhouse-Five or The Children's Crusade A Duty-Dance With Death" by Kurt Vonnegut

"Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History Of The 1960s Antiwar Movement" a Memoir by Carl Oglesby

"Feed" a novel by M. T. Anderson

"The Last September" a novel by Elizabeth Bowen

"An Equal Music" a novel by Vikram Seth

"Psycho-Analysis and Feminism" by Juliet Mitchell (I discovered when I got home I already had this interesting book in our library. I will give this book away since I already have a copy.)

Well I will close to put my new used books away. Existence keeps decaying.

I should mention that our daughter Beth and Andy her husband go into the hospital tomorrow morning to have their baby. Hopefully by tomorrow night our first grandchild will be in the world healthy and ready to begin its journey of life. I get real emotional thinking about Beth and the baby so I got to close.

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