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he is standing before the throne of the Holy Trinity


God will then give him the fourth gift, which is the spirit of fortitude. He can thereby master pleasure and pain, gain and loss, hope and concern about earthly matters, and all kinds of obstacles and multiplicity. In this way a person becomes free and detached from all creatures. When a person is devoid of images, he is master of himself and becomes easily and effortlessly united in his being and interiorly fervent. Without obstacle, he turns freely to God with interior devotion, lofty desire, thanksgiving, praise, and a pure intention. He thereby finds savor in all his works and in his entire life, both interior and exterior, for he is standing before the throne of the Holy Trinity. He often receives interior consolation and sweetness from God, for whoever serves at such a table with thanksgiving, praise, and interior reverence often drinks of the wine and partakes of the food that is left over and of the scraps that fall from the Master's table (cf. Mt. 15:27). Because of his pure intention, he constantly enjoys interior peace.

If he wishes to remain standing fast before God with thanksgiving, praise, and an upright intention, then the spirit of fortitude will be doubled within him. He will then descend neither bodily inclinations nor toward the desire for consolation, sweetness, rest, peace of heart, or any of God's gifts. Rather, he will forgo all gifts and all consolation for the sake of finding the one whom he loves.

Accordingly, whoever leaves behind and overcomes restlessness of heart and the things of this world is strong, while whoever forgoes and rises above all consolation and heavenly gifts is doubly strong. In this way such a person transcends all creatures and powerfully and freely gains possession of himself by means of the gift of spiritual fortitude." pg. 124 "The Spiritual Espousals" by John Ruusbroec

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