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the struggle of love

"In this storm of love two spirits struggle-the Spirit of God and our spirit. God, by means of the Holy Spirit, inclines himself toward us, and we are thereby touched in love; our spirit, by means of God's activity and the amorous power, impels and inclines itself toward God, and thereby God is touched. From these two movements there arises the struggle of love, for in this most profound meeting, in this most intimate and ardent encounter, each spirit is wounded in love. These two spirits, that is, our spirit and God's, cast a radiant light upon one another and each reveals to the other its countenance. This makes the two spirits incessantly strive after one another in love. Each demands of the other what it is, and each offers to the other and invites it to accept what it is. This makes these loving spirits lose themselves in one another. God's touch and his giving of himself, together with our striving in love and our giving of ourselves in return-this is what sets love on a firm foundation. This flux and reflux make the spring of love overflow, so that God's touch and our striving in love become a single love. Here a person becomes so possessed by love that he must forget both himself and God and know nothing but love. In this way the spirit is consumed in the fire of love and enters so deeply into God's touch that it is overcome in all its striving and comes to nought in all its works. It transcends its activity and itself becomes love above and beyond all exercises of devotion. It possesses the inmost part of its creatureliness above all virtue, there where all creaturely activity begins and ends. This is love in itself, the foundation and ground of all the virtues.

Now our spirit and this love are both living and fruitful in virtues, and for this reason the powers cannot simply remain in the unity of the spirit. God's incomprehensible resplendence and his fathomless love hover above the spirit and from there touch the amorous power, and at this the spirit falls back into its activity, this time in a more sublime and fervent striving than ever before. The more fervent and noble the spirit, the faster will it transcend its activity and come to nought in love; then it falls back into new works. This is a heavenly way of life. In its craving, the spirit constantly intends to consume and devour God, but in fact it remains itself swallowed up in God's touch, becomes unable to proceed in all its activity, and itself becomes love above all works. In the unity of the spirit there is a union of the higher powers, and here grace and love abide essentially, above works, for this is the source of charity and all the virtues. Here there is an eternal flowing out in charity and in virtues, and an eternal movement inward marked by an interior hunger for savoring God, and an eternal abiding in simple, undifferentiated love.

All this is in a creaturely manner and beneath God. This is the most interior exercise a person can practice when enlightened by created light, whether in heaven or on earth; above this is only the contemplative life, which is lived in the divine light and after God's own manner. In this exercise a person cannot go astray or be deceived. It begins here in grace and will last eternally in glory." pg. 115, 116 "The Spiritual Espousals" by John Ruusbroec

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