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It is now in the flow 4:29 PM Sunday late afternoon. I took a nap from 2 o'clock PM till 3:15 PM. I heard my wife getting up so I got up to make a fresh pot of coffee for her.

I thought since it is the Lord's Day I would continue quoting from "The Spiritual Espousals" by John Ruusbroec.

"Those who, through the practice of virtue and interior exercises, have fathomed the depths of their being to its source, which is the door to eternal life, are able to experience the touch. God's resplendence shines there so brightly that all powers of reason and understanding are unable to go further and must passively give way before God incomprehensible resplendence and must remain outside the door, the amorous power desires to go further. Like the understanding, it has been called and invited, but it is blind and wishes only to enjoy. Now enjoying is more a matter of savoring and feeling than understanding, and for this reason love goes in while understanding remains outside.

Here begins an eternal hunger which can nevermore be satisfied. This is an interior craving and striving on the part of the amorous power and of the created spirit to attain an uncreated good. Because the spirit desires to enjoy God and has been called and invited to this by him, it constantly wishes to fulfill this desire. Here begins an eternal craving and striving which can never be satisfied. Persons experiencing this are the most pitiable people alive, for they are afflicted with the disease of bulimia and so are filled with ravenous craving. Regardless of what they eat or drink, they are never satisfied, for their hunger is eternal. A created vessel cannot contain an uncreated good, and for this reason these persons suffer an eternally tormenting hunger, which God is like an overflowing stream which yet does not satisfy them. Here there are huge courses of food and drink of which no one knows except a person who is experiencing all this, but a thoroughly satisfying enjoyment of such fare is the one dish that is missing. As a result, the pangs of hunger return again and again. Even so, in the touch there flows streams of honey full of delight, for the spirit savors these delights in every way that can be thought of or imagined. All this is, however, in a creaturely manner and beneath God, and for this reason there is a never-ending hunger and restlessness. Even if God gave such a person all the gifts which the saints possess and everything else which he is able to give, but without giving himself, the ravenous craving of the spirit would still remain voracious and unsatisfied. God's interior stirring and touch make us hunger and strive, for the Spirit of God is pursuing our spirit. The more there is of the touch, the more there is of the hunger and striving. This is a life of love at the highest level of its activity, above reason and understanding, for reason can here neither give love nor take it away, since our love has been touched by divine love. In my opinion, from this time on there can never again be any separation from God. God's touch within us, as far as we experience it, and our striving in love are both created and creaturely, and for this reason they can grow and increase as long as we live." pg. 114,115 John Ruusbroec

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