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It is 12:47 PM Sunday afternoon in the flow of salvation history. I had a quiet morning reading my books and watching the birds. I am debating whether to take a nap this afternoon. I did get up early this morning because of the time change. When I do take a nap I usually sleep about an hour and a half. I am a light sleeper. My mind is always zooming.

I got out to read this afternoon once again "The Spiritual Espousals" by John Ruusbroec (1293-1381). I try to read "The Spiritual Espousals" once a year. It is one of my favorite books along with "The Cloud of Unknowing" and "The Works of St. John of the Cross". I often see myself as an old man sitting in a room reading St. John of the Cross and a Bible. You can not go wrong reading the Bible and spiritual writers like John Calvin and John Ruusbroec.

I thought since I am awake I would quote something I read in "The Spiritual Espousals" that touched my inner man.

"Our response to this coming and its effects

By means of this touch Christ says interiorly within the spirit, "Go out, in exercises that are in accordance with this touch." This profound touch draws and invites our spirit to the most interior exercises which a creature can practice in a creaturely way when enlightened by created light. At these words of Christ, the spirit raises itself, by means of the amorous power, above works to that unity in which the living vein of this touch wells up. This touch calls the understanding to know God in his resplendence and it draws the amorous power to enjoy God without intermediary. The loving spirit desires to do this more than anything else, in both a natural and a supernatural way.

By means of the enlightened reason the spirit raises itself up in interior observation, contemplating and observing its inmost depths where the touch abides. At this point, reason and all created light are unable to go further, for the divine resplendence which hovers there and which constitutes this touch blinds all created powers of vision by its presence, which is unfathomable. All powers of understanding which are enlightened by merely created light are here like the eyes of a bat when confronted with the sun's brightness. Nevertheless the spirit is constantly called and roused anew, by God and itself, to fathom this deep stirring and to come to the knowledge of God and this touch might be. The enlightened reason is constantly led to ask ever anew where the touch comes from and to its source. But it knows as much about this on the first day of its attempt as it will ever know. Consequently the powers of reason and observation confess, "We do not know what it is," for the divine resplendence which hovers there repulses and blinds all powers of understanding by its very presence. In this way God dwells in his resplendent glory above all spirits in heaven and on earth." pg. 113,114 John Ruusbroec "The Spiritual Espousals"

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