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the illusions and narrow vision of middle-class America

It is 1 o'clock PM Monday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is now 8 degrees outside, but there is still a sun shining in the sky.

I have been having thus far a normal day. I have been reading from these two books today.

"George F. Kennan: An American Life" biography by John Lewis Gaddis

"The Kennan Diaries" by George F. Kennan

It looks like the Russians are going to start a war with Ukraine. There is nothing Obama and the United States can do to stop Putin and his massive Armed Forces. It would be foolish for America to go to war with the Russians. Also I believe America is no more a World Power since we have loss two wars in the Middle East. America is also bankrupt morally and financially. Like I have been saying for years we are seeing the end of the American Empire. We are no longer a Super World Power. America is under divine judgment for its decadence. All Obama and America can do is watch the Russians take over the Crimea. Our Foreign Policy is totally gone the way of fools. God has handed us over to men and women who can not govern us.

So here I sit in our comfortable middle class house as the world goes up in smoke. My wife says she wants to go first (die) when America falls into a state of total anarchy.

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