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to abandon the benevolent imperialist pose and to destroy the rural society 
20th-Feb-2014 02:12 pm
It is 2:07 PM Thursday afternoon in the ice flow. I had to cover for someone at the library book nook today from 10 AM till 1 PM. On the way home from the book nook I visited thrift stores and found nothing to add to our library. I drove home in a light drizzle. The streets are filled with snow slush today. While I was gone the roof people came and cleared our roof of snow and ice.

At the book nook I wandered the store and read "Hopeful Monsters" a novel by Nicholas Mosley. I brought home from the book nook one used paperback to add to our book collection, "Strong Motion" a novel by Jonathan Franzen.

Carol is sleeping this afternoon. I do not know what time she went to bed because when I left for the book nook at 9:45 AM this morning she was still up. She might have been up when the roof men came to shovel snow and ice off our roof.

I have nothing to do today but to sit and wait for tomorrow to come.

Well I will close to feel at a complete lost. I am having fun.

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