November 25th, 2021

we burn with desire for earthly things but are ice cold when it comes to heavenly ones

It is 10:38 AM Thursday morning on a cold, wet, and gray day. It has been predicted to rain and snow the rest of this last week of November 2021. At least it is not flooding here it is other places of the world. There are floods and droughts happening right now all over the world.

I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. Right now as I type these words I feel myself falling asleep. So I got up to find my wife sitting in our living room reading the Bible. She had gotten up around 4 o'clock AM this morning. She went to bed around 8:15 PM last night. I stayed up and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Sontag: Her Life And Work' biography by Benjamin Moser.

Carol left this morning for a church service at her church and just got home.

I spent the morning fighting to stay awake and reading from a book titled, 'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part Two Volume 1 Chapters 1-57 by Ludolph of Saxony. So has gone by the last four hours of this day. This afternoon I will read and watch Professional Football.

I will close since I am cold and tired. Last night I also read from a book titled, 'The Age Of Conversation' by Benedetta Craveri Translated by Teresa Waugh. After Carol went to bed I wrote in my paper diary and read late into the night. It seems I am always writing in my paper diary and reading books. I live the life of an old bookworm.

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