November 13th, 2021

unbelief is the evil hear that departs from the living God

It is 10:59 AM Saturday late morning here in West Michigan. It is another dismal cold windy gray wet day. It has been raining and snowing off and on since yesterday.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up I found my wife in her usual spot in her living room chair reading her Bible. I got myself a cup of coffee and sat in the dining room seeking to wake up. After I woke up I wrote in my paper diary and read throughout the morning from a volume titled, 'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part Two Volume 1 Chapters 1-57 by Ludolph of Saxony. Carol left this morning to do errands and was home by 10:05 AM. Carol leaves this coming early Monday to fly out West for a week visiting our daughter and her family for a week.

I have no plans for the rest of the day. I am sure Carol will watch college football. I am suffering from a cold so I do not feel so hot presently. I caught this cold from Josie and Cora.

Well I will close to go into the afternoon hours.
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