September 24th, 2021

He gave what was dearest to His heart

It is 2:05 PM Friday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is 68 degrees and sunny presently. I am tired so I will make this fast and short.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM. When I came upstairs I found my wife reading her Bible in her chair in the living room. I had breakfast and then Carol and I had devotions and then prayed. I am richly blessed with a wife who loves to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I left to volunteer at our local library used bookstore The Book Nook around 9:35 AM. The Book Nook was not super busy today. When not helping people with their purchases at the Book Nook I read from a book titled, 'The Cross Of Jesus' By Louis Chardon, O.P.. I bought at the Book Nook today one used book titled, 'The Splendid And The Vile' biography by Erik Larson. I have three other books by Erik Larson in our library.

Carol came into the Book Nook around 1:20 PM to do her volunteer shift. She visited this morning on her errands a thrift store and bought me two used paperbacks-'Selected Poems & Letters Of Emily Dickinson' Edited by Robert N. Linscott and 'Homesickness' a novel by Murray Bail.

Last night after Carol went to bed I read late into the night from the book titled, 'The Cross Of Jesus' By Louis Chardon, O.P.. I also last night watched lived performances of the musician Ryan Adams on his Youtube channel. Ryan Adams has several videos of him performing songs from his many albums in his living room.

I am tired so I will close to rest. I should mention that last night one of our next door neighbors sent their little girl over to our house to tell us that a pair of screech owls had perched on their roof. So Carol and I walked over to our neighbor's house and listened and saw in the dark a pair of screech owls. Our neighbor had on her I-Phone recordings of the calls of screech owls and when she played them these owls would hoot back in response. It seems this pair of screech owls live in an old tree at the bottom of our driveway. Carol and I just found out recently that a bird call that we have heard several times but could not identify were these two screech owls!

Below is a photo I got off the internet of a screech owl-
a photo of a screech owl downloaded off the internet
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Friday Reads

Friday Reads

Bible New King James

'The Cross of Jesus' By Louis Chardon O.P.

'Christian Asceticism' By Anselm Stolz, OSB

'The Splendid And The Vile' by Eric Larson

'Selected Poems and Letters of Emily Dickenson' Edited With An Introduction By Robert N. Linscott

'Homesickness' a novel by Murray Bail

"It is easy to see from this that the fullness of grace in Christ's worshipful soul had two distinct effects. On the one hand, His grace could not increase, since it was proportioned to the infinite Person united to His human nature. It filled Him with glory, dispensed Him from being a wayfarer, and elevated Him to the happy state of comprehensor. On the other hand, in constituting Him the Head of mankind, grace was a source of suffering and pain. Grace fits a man for the task to which he is called; therefore, the grace in Jesus' holy soul produced a weight which gravitated toward the end for which He came into the world so that by His sufferings and death on the cross He might satisfy for sin. Grace caused an outpouring of glory in the superior part of His soul, but at the same time caused a suspension of that glory in the inferior part. It was a principle of communication for Him, but it was also a source of privation; it was an inexhaustible source of consolation, but as long as He lived among men, it was a constant source of desolation.

Thus, at once and the same time grace was for Jesus a reason for rapture and an occasion of abasement, of enjoyment and of loss, of presence and of absence. Although it determined and directed Him to a vision of the divine essence, its weight inclined to the cross and prevented Him from tasting the joy of the blessed, holding back for thirty-three years the natural overflow of glory to the inferior part." pg.28,29 Louis Chardon, O.P. 'The Cross Of Jesus'

"The Cross of Jesus, the chef-d'oeuvre of the seventeenth-century spiritual writer Louis Chardon, is a fruitful synthesis of theology and mysticism. In style, the book is richly oratorical, replete with prayers, admonishments, and interrogations of the Divine worthy of the Book of Job; in content, it is arrestingly original, combining medieval scholarship and modern sensibility. This new edition, under the deft editorial direction of Paul Jerome Keller, O.P., combines the two volumes of the original translation into one and includes a new Introduction, updated references, and revisions to the translation that better reflect the original French text. Its theological assiduity notwithstanding, 'The Cross of Jesus' is a book, not for scholars, but for souls striving for sanctity. Similar to his saintly compatriots Jean Pierre de Caussade and Therese of Lisieux, Chardon is able to instill consolation and encouragement even amidst admonitions of stern truth. In 'The Cross of Jesus,' the result is an enduring, bracingly forthright meditation on the meaning of suffering, the mystery of Christ's death, and the accomplishment of our salvation."
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