September 5th, 2021

Bookworm host Michael Silverblatt interviewed on The Marketplace of Ideas (3/19/2009)

A conversation about reading, writing and radio with Michael Silverblatt, who has hosted KCRW's Bookworm, the beloved forum for the discussion of fiction and poetry on public radio, for twenty years.

The Marketplace of Ideas aired on KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara between 2007 and 2011.

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Christ willing gave up His life

It is 2:34 PM Sunday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is 76 degrees and sunny today. It feels like the end of Summer today.

I got up this morning around 9:10 AM, Carol was leaving for church when I came upstairs. She had to be at church early to do some stuff and to set up for coffee after the morning worship service.

I basically spent the morning reading from a book titled, 'John 13-21' New Testament V [Reformation Commentary on Scripture] Edited By Christopher Boyd Brown. In this commentary on John 13-21 I am in chapter 20 THE RESURRECTION.

Carol got home from church around 11:55 AM. Carol ate something for lunch. I have not been in the mood to eat lately. I did eat though toast for lunch this afternoon. Carol is taking a nap and I am writing in my online diaries. I will keep reading this afternoon my Reformation commentary on The Gospel of John Chapter 20, maybe I will finish reading this commentary by nightfall? Tomorrow our local library is closed due to the fact it is Labor Day, so I do not volunteer at the Book Nook tomorrow. I need tomorrow to go to Staples Office Supply store and get me some paper and a 2022 calendar. I do not plan to visit any thrift stores, because I have sworn off visiting thrift stores. Every time I visit a thrift store lately I get sick inside. I need to get rid of books and not get more. I will only get used books for our library from the Book Nook or from Amazon.

Last night I was sick and went downstairs around 9:30 PM and read from a book titled, 'Journey To The Abyss: The Diaries Of Count Harry Kessler 1880-1918' Edited and Translated by Laird M. Easton till bedtime which was 10:45 PM.

I will close to go through the rest of this day. Tomorrow is a Monday.

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Lower Level Library, Wild Flower Garden, & New Books

'Approaching the Study of Theology: An Introduction to Key Thinkers, Concepts, Methods & Debates' by Anthony C. Thislton

'Come, Let Us Eat Together: Sacraments And Christian Unity' Edited By George Kalantzis & Marc Cortez

'New Testament Christological Hymns: Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance' by Matthew E. Gordley

'The Seventh Cross' A Novel by Anna Seghers Translated By Margot Bettauer Dembo

'Memories From Moscow To The Black Sea' By Teffi Translated from the Russian by Robert & Elizabeth Chandler, Annie Marie Jackson & Irina Steinberg

'Grand Hotel' A Novel by Vicki Baum Translated from the German by Basil Creighton

'The Age Of Conversation' By Benedetta Craveri Translated by Teresa Waugh

'In A Dark Wood: The Fight Over Forests and the Myths of Nature' by Alston Chase

'John Adams: A Life' by John Ferling

'John Quincy Adams' [American Profiles] by Lynn Hudson Parsons
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