June 3rd, 2021

the Livonian Order of Teutonic Knights

It is 1:02 PM Thursday afternoon here in Western Michigan. It is another warm sunny day. It is till dry and we need rain. As I type these words I feel myself falling asleep. I better write something fast before I pass out from exhaustion.

I got up this morning around 6:35 AM. Carol was up when I decided to face another day of life. I got a glass of water and sat in my chair dozing till 7:30 AM. When I finally came to some state of consciousness I got up out of my chair and made a fresh pot of coffee. I ate for breakfast a bowl of cereal. Carol went for a morning walk and then she left to have brunch with a group of retired nurse friends, that was around 10 o'clock AM this morning when she left.

I did leave the house this morning to visit a thrift store down the street to look at their used books. I found/bought these used books this morning-

'Continental Drift' A Novel by Russell Banks

'Gods, Graves, & Scholars: The Story Of Archeology' by C. W. Ceram

'Picture This' A Novel by Joseph Heller

'The Visions of Emma Blau' A Novel by Ursula Hegi

'Insidious Foes: The Axis Fifth Column and the American Home Front' American History/World War II by Francis MacDonnell

'Suicide Of The West: How The Rebirth Of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, And Identity Politics Is Destroying American Democracy' by Jonah Goldberg

When I got home I wrote some more crap in my personal paper diary and ate a half a sandwich for lunch (I am a small eater because I am not into food). Carol is not home yet from her get together from friends. I suppose I will close to drift in and out consciousness.

Last night I mainly read before going to bed from a book titled, 'Mrs. Adams In Winter: A Journey In The Last Days Of Napoleon' biography/European History by Michael O'Brien. This morning I mainly dozed and prayed for healing. (I did get a doctor's appointment to find out why I am constantly hearing inside my head hissing soul/is my brain leaking fluid?)

I also read a lot last night from a novel titled, 'Small World' by David Lodge. Carol picked up this novel by Lodge at a thrift store for me yesterday but I already had it in my David Lodge Collection. I started reading 'Small Lodge' after reading 'Mrs. Adams In Winter' for a while/take a break. I will also read some more 'Small World' today when not falling asleep. I have eight or nine novels by David Lodge and plan to read him over the next thirty years, Lord willing. We never know when Death will snatch us away and bring us before The Bar of God for final judgement. All I can do is keep begging God to save me from the wrath to come.

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