May 26th, 2021

the eschatological restoration of the world

It is 11:50 AM late Wednesday morning here in West Michigan. The sun just came out this morning. It rained throughout the night into the morning hours. I am falling asleep so I need to get to the point before I pass out.

I got up this morning around 5:55 AM. I got up made a pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Carol and I talked about spiritual matters and prayed. Around 8:31 AM Home Heating & Air Conditioning drove into our driveway to install a new furnace and a new air conditioning unit. Carol left around 10:30 AM this morning to get her hair cut and then meet a friend for lunch. I mainly spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading from these two books-

'God In Himself: Scripture, Metaphysics, and the Task of Christian Theology' by Steven J. Duby

'The Life of Jesus Christ' Part One, Volume 2, Chapters 41-92 By Ludolph of Saxony

I started falling asleep as I was reading so I stopped and put away my books. Now I am writing in my online diaries. Since I can't stay awake I will close to drift into the Afternoon hours.

Last night I read till bedtime from a book titled, 'The Complete Gary Lutz'. I will close for now.

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