May 20th, 2021

a death wish

It is 12:39 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is warm gray day. The heat this afternoon is the color of ash gray.

I got up this morning around 5:50 AM. I was up early because Carol and I went to bed early. It seems lately I catch myself wanting to fall asleep. Is this feeling of exhaustion a sign of deep depression. I can understand why some people can't get out of bed or do not want to rise and shine and sing out your Glory.

Carol left this morning to do errands and go to a condo garage sale where her widowed sister-in-law lives. I wander my cell, wrote in my paper diary, and read from a book titled, 'Fire and Knowledge' Fiction and Essays by Peter Nadas.

I just fell asleep so I will close. There is really anything absolutely to report this afternoon.

common wren
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