May 11th, 2021

American Literary Establishment

It is 1:33 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. Outside it is windy, sunny, and cold. It is a blessing to be able to SEE blue sky and sunshine. I live in constantly fear I will be struck blind by the Lord God. I am also afraid that I will go mad. I hate to think God would give me over to a beastly state of being.

Carol woke me up this morning around 6:45 AM. She was getting ready to attack the day. Carol had a car appointment around 7:30 AM. So I got up and then got myself a cup of coffee. Next I messed with our main computer for awhile. I had for breakfast I scrambled myself two eggs.

I have spent the morning either messing with my books or wandering my cell. Around 10 o'clock AM this morning No it was more around 11 o'clock AM Carol and I drove over to the Bluestocking Books Store to unload another van full of used books. We have been taking instore credit for all the books we have hauled over to Bluestocking Books Store for the last couple of weeks. This morning I picked up these used books at Bluestockings-

'Our Gang (Starring Tricky and His Friends)' A Satire by Philip Roth

'Conversations with John Fowles' Edited by Dianne L. Vipond

'The Barbarian Conversion From Paganism To Christianity' by Richard Fletcher

'The Grand Strategy of The Byzantine Empire' by Edward N. Luttwak

When we got home from running around we ate lunch and afterwards I wrote some more stuff in my paper diary. Carol is taking a nap before Josie comes over at 2:30 PM/we baby-sit Josie today.

Last night I mainly sat around the house feeing dead to this present evil world. But I did get some reading in the last night, I read some more of the book, 'The Accidental Life: An Editor's Notes on Writing and Writers' A Memoir by Terry McDonell.

I am falling asleep so I will close.
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THINK ABOUT IT ON VIDEO: Ralph Waldo Emerson, with Eduardo Cadava(Princeton University)| by Uli Baer

In 1837 Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered a lecture that Oliver Wendell Holmes, father of our modern Supreme Court, called America's Intellectual Declaration of Independence. What does it mean for America, and us as Americans, to start thinking for ourselves? What does it mean to start our intellectual break from Europe nearly half a century after the American Revolution - and what new forms of living can be envisioned now? Emerson remains the great American philosopher whose essays are far more radical, incisive and important than you would believe when encountering them in high school. I spoke with Eduardo Cadava, Professor at Princeton University and an expert in Emerson, American literature, philosophy, and photography to learn what is distinctly American about Emerson's writing. How do think as Americans, and how do we speak English in truly new ways?
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