May 6th, 2021

the beauty of the collective mind

It is 12:57 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It has been raining all day and it is bone cold.

I got up this morning around 5:20 AM. I do not know why I woke up so early. I got up before Carol this morning. I got up warmed up a cup of coffee and wrote in my private diary. Carol got up around 6:35 AM. I went back to bed down in the lower level around 7 o'clock AM. I woke up when I heard Carol leaving to buy meat at Earl's Meat Market. Carol is having Caleb and his family over for dinner tonight. It has become a family ritual now to have Caleb and Emily the girls Josie and Cora and their little dog Ollie over for a meal Thursday nights. Why not have Caleb and Emily over for dinner when they live just down the street from us. Having Caleb, Emily, Josie, Cora and their dog Ollie is a blessing living down the street from Nonie and Papa Keen.

When I got up this morning it was 9:10 AM. I filled up the van with used books to haul off to the Gateway Center. This was the last load till we can determine what to put in our new book cases when they arrive from the builder. After we fill these four book cases we will see what is left over. If there is too many good books I might order another four book cases and pay for them myself. It is cool to SEE my books in book cases lined up with the author and title's visible to me. I do not have to dig through stacks or search all over the giant lower level for it/a certain book.

After I filled the van with book Carol drove in from getting meat for dinner A Meat Loaf and pigs in the blanket for the girls/granddaughters.

I spent the late morning hours staring at my books and dreaming of a perfect library. In the end nothing lives up to ones visions of perfection.

Last night I stayed up late reading a very long prose piece titled, 'Paris Doesn't Belong To Us' in a book of essays titled, 'See What I See' by Greg Gerke.

This morning I basically have messed with my books and written in my paper diary. I am too blown out of the water to read. I have though read off and on from a book titled, 'Melancholy' essays by Laszlo F. Foldeuyi.

Right now Josie and Carol is talking. I am writing in my online diaries and listening to the new Gojira CD "Fortitude" on my portable CD player. I will close to face the rain with courage.

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