April 8th, 2021

A Cheap Stack Used Books Store Haul

This morning Carol and I drove to Grand Haven to check out their thrift stores and their local library used books store Cheap Stack searching for used books to add to our libraries. On the way home from Grand Haven we stopped for lunch and then visited the Northside Salvation Army thrift store to look for used books. Below is a list of the used books I bought today (I will not list the used books Carol bought)-

'The Short Novels of Thomas Wolfe' edited, with an introduction and notes, by C. Hugh Holman

'Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History Of Greater New York' by Ted Steinberg

'Hand To Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure' by Paul Auster

'The Richness of Life: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould' Edited by Steven Rose Foreword by Oliver Sacks

'The White Road: Journey Into An Obsession' nonfiction by Edmund De Waal

'Luncia In London' novel by E. F. Benson

'Before Their Time' A Memoir by Robert Kotlowitz

'When I Whistle' a novel by Shusaku Endo Translated by Van C. Gessel

'Lawrence In Oaxaca: A Quest For The Novelist In Mexico' biography by Ross Parmenter

'Naked Sleeper' A Novel by Sigrid Nunez

'Looking For Eulabee Dix: The Illustrated Biography of An American Miniaturist' by Jo Ann Ridley

'Stalin's Children: Three Generations of Love, War, and Survival' nonfiction by Owen Matthews

'Villa Air-Bel: World War II, Escape, And A House In Marseille' nonfiction by Rosemary Sullivan

'Rise Of Nationalism In The Balkans 1800-1930' by Wesley M. Gewehr

'Frank Lloyd Wright' (Penguin Lives) biography by Ada Louise Huxtable

'Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life' biography by Lyndall Gordon

'Kerouac at the "Wild Boar" and Other Skirmishes' Complied by John Montgomery

'Quinine: Malaria And The Quest For A Cure That Changed The World' by Fiammetta Rocco

'Mad World: Evelyn Waugh And The Secrets Of Brideshead' biography by Paula Byrne

'Men And Angels' A Novel By Mary Gordon

'Blow Your House Down' a novel by Pat Barker

'The Seven League Boots' A Novel by Albert Murray

'Haiku' A Novel By Andrew Vachss

'Two Trains Running' A Novel by Andrew Vachss

'Thornton Wilder: A Life' biography by Penelope Niven

'The Burn' A Novel by Vassily Aksyonov Translated From The Russian By Michael Glenny

'Next' A Novel by James Hynes

'Max Perkins: Editor of Genius' biography by A. Scott Berg

'To All Gentleness: William Carlos Williams The Doctor Poet' biography by Neil Baldwin

'The Purpose Of The Past: Reflections on The Uses Of History' by Gordon S. Wood

'The Illusions of Separateness' A Novel by Simon Van Booy

'Sorry For Your Trouble: Stories' by Richard Ford

'Cousin Rosamund' A Novel by Rebecca West

'Chilly Scenes Of Winter' A Novel by Ann Beattie
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