December 30th, 2020

a glimpse of the essence of the entire Godhead

It is 1:34 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. A cold gray day. There is a layer of snow slush on the ground and streets.

It has been a typical day. Around 11 o'clock AM this morning Caleb, Emily, Josie, Cora and their little dog Ollie stopped by to slide down our hill and for lunch. They left around 1:15 PM this afternoon. We have been putting things back in order since they left.

There is not much else to report this afternoon. This morning before Caleb and his family stopped by for a visit I wrote in my paper diary and read my books. I read from these books today-

'A Radical Comprehensive Call to Holiness' by Joel R. Beeke & Michael P. V. Barrett

'Late Medieval Mysticism of the Low Countries' [Classics of Western Spirituality]

'The Spiritual Life' by Campegius Vitringa

This afternoon I have been reading, 'Novel Explosives' A Novel in 3 Parts by Jim Gauer.

Last night I hardly remember right now. I read till 11:45 PM and then went to bed. I mainly read last night before going to bed, 'Novel Explosives'.

I will close since I feel sick to my stomach. I must have the COVID-19 plague.

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