December 1st, 2020

the concept of an epistemological ascent to God driven by a life of virtue

It is 12:40 PM Tuesday afternoon in the death flow. It is a cold sunny day.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I got woke up by Carol getting dressed. Her plans was to go grocery shopping early. I was up as she was leaving. After Carol left I got a glass of cold water and sat waking up to the first day of the new month. What does the month of December hold for us? Once I woke up I got a cup of coffee and messed with our main computer. Next I took pictures of my December Paper Diary and posted them. I do not remember right now reading anything. I read from these books last night before going to bed-

'The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity' by Robert Louis Wilken

'God Has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology' by Gerald Bray

'A Path of Christianity: The First Thousand Years' by John Anthony McGuckin

When Carol got back from grocery shopping we left to do errands and visit thrift stores. I was not going to visit any thrift stores till the COVID-19 was history, but I felt a need to get some used books/satisfy my cravings for old used books. I found these used books today to ADD to our library-

'The Sky The Stars The Wilderness' Novellas by Rick Bass

'We, The Drowned' Historical Fiction by Carsten Jensen

'The Twyborn Affair' A Novel by Patrick White

'Stravinsky's Lunch' biography/Art History by Drusilla Modjeska

'The Nightmare Years 1930-1940' A Memoir Of A Life And The Times by William L. Shirer

When we got home Caleb dropped off Josie for us to babysit. So existence keep flowing by. I will close to feel wasted/drained.
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Tuesday Reads & Church History

Bible/The First Book of Kings/Old Testament

'The First One Hundred Years of Christianity: An Introduction To Its History, Literature, And Development' by Udo Schnelle Translated By James W. Thompson

'God Has Spoken" A History Of Christian Theology' by Gerald Bray

'The Eastern Orthodox Church: A New History' by John Anthony McGuckin

'"Beatus Vir" Commentary On The Davidic Psalms' Psalms 1-15 Volume 1 by Denis The Carthusian Translation & Introduction by Andrew M. Greenwell

'Christ's Prayer Before His Passion: Expository Sermons on John 17' Volume 1 by Anthony Burgess

'Reformed Systematic Theology: Man and Christ' Volume 2 by Joel R. Beeke & Paul M. Smalley

'The Spiritual Writings of Denis the Carthusian' Translated into English by Ide M. Ni Riain, RSCJ, with an Introduction by Terence O'Reilly

'The First Thousand Years: A Global History Of Christianity' by Robert Louis Wilken

'The Path Of Christianity: The First Thousand Years' by John Anthony McGuckin

'Children Of Light' A Novel by Robert Stone
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