August 2nd, 2020

Reading Samuel Johnson, Charles Bukowski, & Richard Hofstadter

Reading Samuel Johnson, Charles Bukowski, & Richard Hofstadter

'The Life of Samuel Johnson' By James Boswell!etd.send_file?accession=osu1486738396145608&disposition=inline

'Dr Johnson's Dictionary: The Extraordinary Story of the Book that Defined the World' By Henry Hitchings

'Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life: A Biography' By Howard Sounes

'The Age Of Reform From Bryan To F.D.R.' essays By Richard Hofstadter

'Anti-Intellectualism In American Life' By Richard Hofstadter

'Richard Hofstadter: An Intellectual Biography' By David S. Brown

'The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas' A Novel By Rick Harsch

'The Life of Saul Bellow: To Fame and Fortune 1915-1964' Biography By Zachary Leader

'The Life of Saul Bellow: Love and Strife 1965-2005' Biography By Zachary Leader
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The Agrarian Myth

It is 1:55 PM Sunday afternoon in the death flow. It is gray day and warm. Maybe we see some sunshine this week. I am falling asleep as I write so I better get right to the point before I pass out. I just heard my wife going to bed to take a nap.

I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. It rained throughout the night and when I got up the rain has basically stopped. Carol was getting ready to go for a walk when I got up.

I did the usual things throughout the morning hours. Carol left for church at 9:57 AM and was home around 11:45 AM. While my wife was gone I wrote in my paper diary, read from a book titled,'The Age of Reform' essays by Richard Hofstadter, and filmed a video for my Youtube channel.

This afternoon I plan to sit and doze. Last night I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Well I suppose I will close to feel exhausted.
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