July 12th, 2020

terror of the sublime maddened all minds

It is 3:18 PM Sunday afternoon. It is a sunny day and not extremely hot. Carol opened up the house this morning and it has remained open till now. If it gets hot we will shut the house up and let the central air system run. Last night due the house being hot as oven I slept down in the lower level where it is cooler. Carol sleeps with a small fan blowing on her plus she is cold all the time. I am hot most of the time.

Right now Carol is sleeping and I am messing with our main computer. I did take a nap this afternoon down in the lower level among our books. I am sure most people do not have as many books as we have in our house. I am talking about middle class average Christian Americans living in the Wasteland. I am told people do not read these days. If people read they would not be so quick to riot in the streets and burn down buildings.

I have basically written in my paper diary and read from a novel titled, 'Mr. Sammler's Planet' By Saul Bellow. Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Carol went to bed early last night.

Carol did go to Covenant PCA this morning and she will go back to her church this evening. Carol says some folks in her church refuse to wear masks because it is bowing down to the Government/no government is going to take away my right to expose people to a deadly plague is their confused logic. I would think a professing Christian would wear a facial mask out of love for their fellow man/woman/child.

I suppose I will close. I hear Carol getting up to face existence in a dead world.
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